First Aid considerations:
By Tyler Woods 6/8/13

Pharmacies won't be open or at best they will be depleted under a loss of infrastructure. Those dependent on medicine need to stock enough of their drug to get past a short interruption of supply and they need to get smart on alternative resources to treat their condition.

Many over-the-counter medications are virtual life savers when sickness comes. Simple analgesics like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen can offer relief and fever suppression while anti-diarrhea and laxatives can mean the difference of life or death. The two most deadly medical conditions that commonly lead to death are constipation and dehydration. Simple medications with the knowledge of how to administer them are vital.

You can never have enough bandages and they are proud of that stuff at the drugstore. I make it a point NOT to shop there when I can buy the same at veterinary supply for about a third the cost. Their bandages are just as sterile and I get a lot more for the same dollar. (see Jeffer's supply)

Learning about natural remedies, extracts, and tinctures is good for today's living and may become a vital skill in days without electricity.

I've observed that we use a lot of isopropyl alcohol in our day to day routine. I don't know how to make that but I am learning how to make a modern still to make alcohol that is well suited for extracts, tinctures, sterilization, sanitation and day to day uses NOT including consumption as a beverage. However, alcohol can be effectively used to calm and induce sleep during times of excessive stress. Medicinal use of alcohol should not be shunned.

Keep in mind that the best way to stay healthy is to keep a clean body and environment. Rule one: wash your hands... Rule two: wash them again. Tyler – 6/8/2013

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